3rd Class Room 12

Chicks in Room 12 April 13, 2011

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The chicks have finally arrived in Room 12. One chick came to visit our class this morning. Here are some photos. If you want to find out more information on the chicks you can click this link to St. Clare’s Radio or visit the fourth class blog .

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Easter Bonnets April 12, 2011

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It’s Easter Bonnets time again!! Here are some photos of our class creations and the Easter Bonnet Parade.

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Last week we create some spring nests from clay. The teacher gave us each a piece of clay which we had to roll into a smooth ball. Next we pinched the middle of the ball until it made a shape like a nest. We smoothed out any cracks using our fingers and some water. Some children made baskets and some designed their nests. We made some eggs to go into the nests and baskets. The clay needed to dry for at least three days before we painted them.

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Adjective Game April 5, 2011

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Here is the link to the game that we played in class today. Have a go and see how far you can get.