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Timpiste Bhóthair December 13, 2009

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German day December 12, 2009

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On Friday we had a German Day. Our German teacher got foods  from germany like lebhkuchen, saft, Stollen(german christmas cake)  and much more, 5th and 6th class got to eat some, they were delicous! 🙂   we really enjoyed it!



Art December 11, 2009

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For art this week we made clay, we made christmas figures like christmas trees, bells, snowmans, gifts and much more..


France December 9, 2009

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Next week we will be starting a project on France.

Since this weekend will be an extended weekend for you, try to locate some information on France before Wednesday.

Here are some sites to get you started but make a list of sites you find aswell so we can check them out in class.







About Your Heart !!! December 4, 2009

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Facts About Your Heart!!!

– When you’re exercising, it takes your blood about ten seconds to get from your heart to your big toe and back. In fact, a kid’s heart has to push blood through about 60,000 miles (96,560 kilometers) of blood vessels—that’s long enough to circle the Earth two and a half times!
–  All that pumping takes a lot of effort. To push blood, an average heart beats a hundred thousand times a day. That means that in a lifetime, the average human heart will beat more than two and a half billion times.
–  The heart is about the size of your fist. (When you were a baby it was the size of your baby fist).
The heart is a muscle, just like the other muscles in your body!! It weighs about a pound, or less than half a kilogram.
–  The heart pumps thousands of liters of blood through your body every day. Blood is pumped out of the heart in two directions. First it sends blood without any oxygen to the lungs to get oxygen. It then pumps the blood containing oxygen around all the other parts of the body. After delivering its oxygen, the blood returns to the heart to start the process of getting oxygen all over again.

Here’s a some good games I found about your heart:






Book Review December 3, 2009

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                                   MY SISTER JODIE

This book is called ” My Sister Jodie” It’s by Jacqueline Wilson and is Illustrated by Nick Sharratt.

It’s about two sisters named Pearl and Jodie. Pearl is quiet, shy and intelligent. Jodie is bold and bad and Pearl adores her. When their parents get new jobs as the cook and caretaker at Melchester College, a fusty old boarding school, the girls have to move there and spend their summer holidays in the school with just four children and staff for their company. And when the other pupils arrive, things start to change.  Jodie has always been the leader, the boss – but now it’s Pearl who is making friends like Harley and Mrs Wilberforce and Harriet. Jodie just seems to be getting into more and more trouble – arguing with Mum, scaring the little children with ghost stories, flirting with the gardener Jed.  When term begins, their strange summer is over. But things keep on changing. Jodie really doesn’t fit in with the posh, snooty teenagers at the school. But Pearl is doing well in lessons and has even more friends. Maybe she doesn’t need Jodie as much as she used to. But Jodie needs her. And when the school celebrations of Firework Night comes around, Jodie falls from a tower window and is killed. The story determines who needs whom more. After the tragic event Pearl’s mum reveals she is pregnant and has a baby. The baby is born in May so it is called May and Pearl says she’ll try to be the best sister ever but confesses that she’ll never be as brilliant as a sister as Jodie.

I really liked this book because it’s fun and exciting, I give it a rating of 4/5. I recommend this book to girls ages 9-14.


My Sister Jodie

If you want to look at other book reviews here’s a very good link:    



Gaeilge (foclóir)

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Turas Scoile

Ar an Idirlíon

Timpiste Bhóthair

Cuairt ar an Meánscoil